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Bank cards: more than just a payment instrument

Bank cards: more than just a payment instrument

Modern plastic cards can provide a lot of benefits to your customers. For sure, nowadays they represent a multi-functional instrument enabling not only to secure personal finances, but also making life more comfortable.

For instance, a salary card can be easily supplied with the function of a corporate ID card.

By assigning a digital signature to the card a customer receives an electronic authentication tool for use in payment systems and government structures.

Integration of a transport application to a card allows converting the card into an urban-transport pass, while connecting social apps renders the card a reliable instrument of social support from the state.

As per now, Plastic Card has implemented numerous projects implying use of additional applications for bank cards.

You are very welcome to contact us and our experts will gladly share information on the existing case studies, as well as describe features and benefits of integrating various applications.

visualization examples

Individual color

Key feature of this card is the most exact reproduction of the desired shades. Printing with solid paints most accurately rendering the desired colour shades and ensuring a much wider colour range than the standard CMYC colour model.

As the basis for illustration a work by A.Warhol was selected, who had made active use of screen print technique for author replication of his own works.

visualization examples

Coloured mounting

When plane and line gain motion and dimensions: colours of the mounting are used in the card design to emphasize the image graphics.

According to K.Malevich, whose work became the basis of this card graphic design, the plane and colour in action embody the supreme (Lat. - supremus) stage of the painting art development, which “breaks it free” from the real world.

visualization examples


One of the most salient characteristics of this card design is use of fluorescent paints. The bright and luminous effects perfectly highlight the image being graphic transcription of the work by artists M.Prymachenko who successfully applied fluorescent paints in a number of her works.

visualization examples


Printing on different layers of plastic as well as use of metallic layers provide for the image multidimensionality illusion rendering design of this card a kind of 3D-effect.

The dimension effect is emphasized by use of sculptural work as an illustration. An important aspect is application of the gold leafy technique reproducing the sculpture by the card’s metallic layer.

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